Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Cosette Evelyne

2012 has already been a crazy year...I would say horrible, except the year started out bringing our little Cozi-bug to us. Cozi was born on January 7 at 1:00 am. The doctors and nurses loved her immediately because of how much blond hair she had. Instead of giving us the customary hat for her head, the nurses made a headband.

This is Cozi with her headband.

Cozi also had a murmur when she was born. We weren't too worried, tons of babies have murmurs when they are born. But Cozi's never got better and after doing an Echo they sent her to Phoenix Children's to get a valvuloplasty for her pulmonary stenosis. They were awesome. Cozi was admitted on January 8th and we were home by the evening of January 10th.

This is Cozi at Phoenix Children's hooked up to all the monitors. She wasn't able to eat from the morning of the 8th until late afternoon on the 9th. It was really sad. That whole night she was so sad and hungry. Her dad stayed up with her all night long and tried to comfort her. He loves her much!

Now we have her home with us. She is now 6 weeks old and we are loving every minute of her. She is the little ray of sunshine in an otherwise awful year so far. Here are some more pictures of our little angel.

This is Cozi in the car when we got her home from Phoenix Children's.

Next to dad's shoe.

She is even cute in a hat :)

Just a sweet picture...

Cozi and her dad. He didn't even know that we took this picture.

She is about a month old in this picture and the one with her dad. I can't believe how fast time is flying. We are so blessed to have her in our lives and we love her so much!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Drumroll Please....

Well, this is our first blog post in...well, quite a long time. While we love our mundane lives, we realize that not very many people would find it very interesting. Mostly our days consist of work and school, though sometimes we try to fit in things like this:

Or sometimes this:

But stuff like that is not really the norm, so I don't blog much. However, today we really do have something completely 'blogworthy' to share. So, like I said, drumroll please....

We are having a baby!

Baby Boddeker is due January 9th. We will find out what we are having August 22. We are so excited (and more than a little scared) for this new little blessing that will be coming into our lives! And maybe (but only maybe) now we will have something more to blog about for awhile!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Catching up...

There is no real reason for this post…just to catch everyone up on the happenings here. No pictures though. We loaned the camera out and haven’t gotten it back yet.

This summer so far has pretty much been about school. Yep, it’s exciting. Both Jake and I are taking summer classes. I also switched from working days to working nights (I make more money that way). We had to miss out on the South family reunion in June. We were both pretty bummed, but we both had classes. It will all be worth it one day, right?

At the end of June I went to a camp in Williams for special needs people. It was part of my class and I was there four days. It was pretty fun and I learned a lot. I came back Thursday night and worked, then we headed to Eagar for the 4th of July. Of course that was a whirlwind of family time with the Halls and the Boddekers. I loved it, but going to Eagar always leaves me feeling a little guilty that we didn’t spend enough time with one or both families. Not that either ever complain (that I know of). I just wish we had unlimited time. We missed Jason and Jen and the boys. I’m so glad they are closer now, and I can’t wait for their new little baby to be born.

Speaking of babies, the number one question we got asked at home was when we were going to have kids. Um, not yet. That’s all I have to say about that…

So now here we are, back in the heat and the swing of things. Jacob’s birthday is Saturday. I’m going to take him to one of the Brazilian barbecue places here in the Valley. Hopefully we’ll have pictures from that.

So that’s it. Our exciting summer so far. By the end we hope to have a trip to Havasupai (2 for Jacob), and at least one more back to Eagar to beat the heat. Then we’ll hit the books hard again for my last semester (yay) and Jake’s…well, he’s on the downhill slide.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Our House

Okay I got the pictures to download. Here is our house.

Another view, but now you get to see the refrigerator. If you look close enough you can see Jacob's test in Electromagnetics. He got 100%. My husband's a genius! (It really is supposed to be one of the hardest classes)

Another view of the kitchen area.

The sink and the regular kitchen area. A bit small, but it is very nice.

Another view of the table.

Past the half bath would put you in the kitchen. We just barely got the table and I love it.

Walk through the living room to a small hallway, and to the left is this half bath.

The living room. Yes, it's a real fireplace. Not that it has every been used by us.

This is the front door. To the left is the living room, or you can go straight up the stairs.

Up the stairs, which are there as soon as you walk in the front door.

This is the room you see when you first walk up the stairs. You don't get to see it today. Mom brought us the daybed and it is not set up yet.

Then you come into our room. Pretty bedspread.

This is the master bathroom. The other room has a bathroom too. Instead of just a shower it has a bathtub/shower and the vanity in the other one is smaller.

So there you have most of it. Sorry it has taken so long. We love it and we think it's great. Oh, here a couple pictures of our new dog, Prim, for those of you who care. Most of the time we call her 'damn dog' and if I could find Jake's camera and I could show you what she did to the house when she got out on Super Bowl Sunday, you would understand why. Most the time she is fun, though.

And that's it. Two posts and you are caught up on our exciting lives. Anyway, enjoy because I don't know how soon something blog-worthy will come up again ;)

Welcome Baby Carson Scott!

Yes, we are so excited for Sam and Heather and their new cute baby, Carson Scott Blackham. He was born on Monday, March 15th. 7 Ibs and 5 oz, and 21 inches long. I will let Heather blog about the whole experience if she wishes, since she is the mother, but I have been told I need to post pictures of him. Apparently I do not have a good excuse for not updating my blog, and Heather does. Well, I agree that she does have a good excuse, but I just want to say that I think Justin is rubbing off on Sherrie. I thought she was a sweet girl, but if you take a look at her recent blog you will see Justin's influence on the poor thing. Anyway, here are some pictures of the new arrival. They are from Sam's iphone so they are a little grainy, but it's what I have to work with. I'm not so good at remembering the camera...

This is his dad's signature pose for the camera. He comes by this naturally.

Carson all wrapped up in one of grandma's blankets.

The outfit is just a tad too big in the arms.

Carson and his mama.

This is the look you get when he opens his eyes. Heather says it's like he's sizing you up...

Here he is with a little smile...

Here he is with a death grip on his blanket. The pacifier is bigger than his little head.
I thought I had a picture of Carson and his dad, but I must have messed up sending that one to my email.

I am also supposed to add pictures of our house. People (meaning Sherrie in particular) have been harping on this and so I will give them what they want. I was trying to build the suspense so Justin and Sherrie would have to bring Koy for a visit, but I guess it's not going to happen. I have pictures on my camera, but due to technical difficulties I cannot get them on this computer. I'll have to figure it out. But I DID put the more important stuff on here, so I get props for that. Anyway, we are so happy the little guy is here. The little family is home now, and everyone is doing well.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Something Blog-worthy

We bought a house...well, a townhouse anyway! And we're so excited. So I'm finally blogging even though I'm pretty sure no one reads this anymore. We are in the process of moving, but after we get all settled and my mom helps me decorate I will post some pictures. I am SO SO SO excited.

On another note, I just heard this song on the radio for the second time, and for the second time it made me cry like a little baby. I don't know if anyone has heard the song "Hurry Home" by Jason Michael Carroll. At first I thought it was just a copy cat of the "Austin" song, what with the answering machine and all. But then I realized it was about a dad leaving this message for his daughter that has run away. Anyway, it made me cry. Not that I've ever run away and had my dad sing a message to me on the answering machine...haha, kind-of a funny picture. But I am grateful for my parents and for how much they love me. I am also grateful for the gospel and the knowledge that we have a Heavenly Father who is waiting for all of us to come home. Anyway, I know I'm a sap, but there it is. I bet if anyone is reading this they are thankful I hardly ever blog!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Missionary Work

That is the subject of the talks we are giving in church tomorrow. Don't worry, I'm not procrastinating right now. I'm finished and now I have been messing around on the internet for awhile and for some reason I feel like blogging. I'm just not tired, which is so not typical of me at this time at night.

Let's see, what has happened lately? We went and looked at some houses today. Yeah, we are thinking about buying. It's pretty fun, but it also wore us out. We didn't find anything we are in love with today, but we're not really in any big hurry.

Jacob is just schooling and working and making me laugh all the time. Haha, the other day after I had organized our closet (well, some at least, it still needs some work) Jacob grabbed a pair of his pants off of his pile and went to school. He has class every day at 7:30 in the morning so he leaves pretty early. Anyway, this day I was working so I was already gone. If only I had been there. On the way to school Jacob was thinking about how comfortable his pants were. He went to Institute and some of his other classes, until finally when he happened to go to the bathroom, he noticed that he was wearing a VERY old pair of pants with a rip in the back from the pocket and down the leg. And he had been walking around in them all day. No wonder they were so comfortable!!! He was pretty embarrassed, but on the bright side now he knows why all the girls were hitting on him that day...who could resist that butt?

Other than that, we're about the same. My dad called the other day and said that his mare had foaled and since it was a filly i get it. He said I cursed him cuz if it was a colt he was going to keep it. I don't think it was a curse; I think the Lord just knows the blessings that my dad gets from being such a generous guy. Anyway, I'm super excited about it. I would have gone home to see it this weekend but, as I have already said, we have to talk in church. Bummer. And that's all for now...